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  1. Profile photo of Venus
    Venus October 8, 2016 at 6:28 am

    Here’s what’s going on with the site. I thought I had it moved over, but no; not the files, just the database, so I pointed the site back to the old server, and when it came up, I backed up the database and all the files; saved to my computer. Now I’m trying to upload the content to my host using filezilla. The site is so big, it’s going to take over thirteen hours to make the transfer. So far, our lousy internet service times out before the transfer is complete, but persistence is omnipotent :good:

  2. Profile photo of Venus
    Venus September 17, 2016 at 11:46 am

    OMG that container is so…………cool :yes: (no pun intended) I didn’t know they made them. This gives moving fish a whole new perspective. Maybe once you get settled into your new home I can talk you into writing an article about the move. I can well imagine the stress, but you can do this. You know how to keep the fish healthy. You know what their needs are.

    Keep them at 40 or 45f, and you won’t have to feed or even exchange water unless the unexpected happens

    Are you planning on driving straight through or will you be stopping for the night? The problem with too large of a container is carrying it. If your fish are cold, they won’t need much space. They won’t be swimming around, or using much oxygen

    I agree; take the fish. Good fish keepers are few and far between, and your fish will have a much better life with you. We just need to make sure you have everything you need on hand in case you do have to stop longer than planned or in case the cooler goes out. Best to be prepared

    Have on hand; water treatment, test kit, food and containers or buckets needed for a water change

    Have we turned you on to H202? This is must have

    You’ll want to use your tank water for the cooler, and this means it needs to be heavily oxygenated and low in nitrates.

    What are your KH and pH levels?

    Speaking of, that’s the first thing you’ll want to do is to test the tap water in your new home. It may need buffering. It may be possible to get some readings from the water department; this way you know what to expect, and have what you need on hand to buffer or even lower parameters if necessary.

    • Profile photo of nanu
      nanu September 18, 2016 at 8:17 am

      Lol! You’re right, the electric cooler is all sorts of awesome. I have high expectations for it to work. The oxygenation seems to be proven considering the system is used for tournaments and stuff but I didn’t see anyone using the electric chest. I’ll be more than happy to write you an essay of my experience once I’m settled.

      I’m glad to hear they won’t need to eat when chilled.

      As for size… I got the 48qt. But keep in mind my guys are a nice pork chop size each! 48qts is 12gal (i think) keeping it an inch or so from the rim to avoid spills means it’ll be about 10g. When they were little we moved them while still in the tank. They were in a 10g tank at the time and it was heavy but one person was able to carry them. The cooler has nice big handles on the sides. Two of us could wrangle two 1/4 lb goldies…

      As for the trip….there are two vehicles, the moving truck and one of our vehicles, and 4 drivers- two of them inexperienced. And because we’re towing one of our vehicles we’ll be driving 55 mph. It’s gonna be a long drive… And since we have 2 cats we’ll be doing stops. Like i said…loooooooong drive.

      Last i recall about h2o2 i misused itwhen Daphne was dying. I think it pushed her over the edge and i haven touched the stuff since… I’m all for it as long as i learn to use it apprpriately.

      I’ve been changing water daily to bring numbers down so as to use their tank water. Thus the extra pump :). Thanks for confirming this.

      I’ll call the water dept tomorrow. I have to call to connect services anyway.

      Listen V, I think i could really use a consult…. This writing and packing is too much! Lol! What time would you be available? I haven’t been working but I’m willing to pay a consult to get all i need to take care of the guys. Im the type that hots stuff down.

      How do we go about setting up a consult? It is with you, right? Maybe later today… Ill test the waters during breakfast so i have current readings on hand. Nitrates have been high lately. I guess my fish sitter skipped changes when i was in TX looking for a place to land…. Two weeks can throw readings out the window!

      Let me know the process and how to get you my number or where to call…

  3. Profile photo of nanu
    nanu September 17, 2016 at 10:29 am

    Yes ma’am, i have a 400 gpm in a 55 g tank and i added a 300 gpm last night to increase O2 and cool the water a bit. They seem to like it 🙂

    We just moved in Dec and it was so stressful I almost rehomed as soon as we decided to move out of state! So as the date approaches I am freaking out, but since I cannot find anyone to care for them the way I would and my family encouraged me by offering to help in what they can…so… At least if they dont make it, they werent just left behind.

    In looking over youtube I found tournament fishermen use a Livewell tank to keep their bait fish alive over a weekend. Those tanks are expensive but there were some vids on how to DIY. I just thought to use the refigerated cooler instead of a reg cooler since i have no ac.

    Im on my phone and not sure how to post links but in amazon look for Knox 48 qt electric cooler. I got a red one and 2 bubblers…

    I plan to drill holes on to the lid for air exchange. Oh and I found out the cooler cools to 40f, not 40 below ambient…

    The big day is tuesday/wednesday of next week…. Ugh! I dont even wanna think about it! :scratch: :wacko:

  4. Profile photo of Venus
    Venus September 17, 2016 at 6:17 am

    I’m also wondering how the cooling unit attaches, and just how well it will work with an ice chest

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