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The Art of Goldfish
B. G. Rand

8"x 10" Book $29.95
E-Book $20.00



10 Steps to
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $19.95
E-Book $10.00



Diagnose & Rescue Procedures 10 Steps
 Treatments & Tonics
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $19.95
E-Book $10.00



10 Steps to Easy
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $15.00
E-Book $10.00



Golden Goldfish Rules
Coloring Book
B. G. Rand

Book N/A
E-Book $10.00


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21-05-2015 08:26
Glad you pup is doing well. Hi Thuner Grin

21-05-2015 08:24
When do we leave Cricket?

20-05-2015 22:44
yep im doing ok

20-05-2015 21:59
I need to go to Hawaii. LOL

20-05-2015 21:59
The other pup has another 3.5 weeks of crate rest left. Sheesh.

20-05-2015 21:58
One pup has "graduated" from crate rest! I'm also busy with his rehab. He's very excited.

20-05-2015 21:57
Me, too, Kat... busy managing my mom's health care. She's not well, either. It's a tough time in life, with aging parents.

20-05-2015 21:56
Hi thuner, doing okay. You?

20-05-2015 10:30
So sorry Kat. It's not easy what you're going through, and it's going to get harder, but you'll get though it one day at a time. Wink

20-05-2015 09:12
hi hi been busy with my mom. She's not well.

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The theory is simple, by creating an organic ecosystem with water rich in value, our goldfish & Koi will thrive.  Having been proven with outstanding results, tested by trial and error, the method of care and the all natural treatments recommended in these pages are based on many years of experience.  
                10 STEPs  to Goldfish & Koi Keeping
                              Products & Services....Natural Remedies for Goldfish & Koi....Goldfish Forum

For Goldfish Emergency find the class of symptoms listed below that best describe goldfish's condition; click on the classification for prescribed goldfish or Koi emergency rescue procedure:

Goldfish / Koi Symptoms: Class A
Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish is tilted to one side; Goldfish is dying; Goldfish is too weak to swim; Goldfish is unconscious; Goldfish has little or no response; Goldfish upside down on bottom of tank.
Goldfish / Koi Symptoms: Class B
Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish is gasping; Goldfish is gasping at surface; Goldfish sucking air at surface; Goldfish has bleeding from eye; Goldfish has bulging eye; Goldfish has pop eye; goldfish has redness at gills; Goldfish has rapid gill movement; Goldfish is blowing bubbles thru gills .
Goldfish / Koi Symptoms: Class C
Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish has visual sores; Goldfish has missing scales; Goldfish is listless; Goldfish has frayed fins; Goldfish has missing fins; Goldfish has torn fins; Goldfish has hole in head; Goldfish has abscesses; Goldfish has open wound; Goldfish has fungus on mouth or body; Goldfish has film or mucus on body; Goldfish pooh is very light pooh; Goldfish has very dark pooh; Goldfish pooh is stringy. Goldfish tank or pond water is clouded and white; Goldfish is flashing; Goldfish is rubbing; Goldfish is darting; Goldfish prefers isolation; Goldfish exhibits sporadically swimming; Goldfish has visual parasites; Goldfish has visual worms
Goldfish / Koi Symptoms: Class D
Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish is floating; Goldfish upside down at top of tank; Goldfish floating at 45 degree angle; Goldfish is swimming upside down; Goldfish swimming lopsided; Goldfish is bobbing; Goldfish is upside down; Goldfish is flipped over; Goldfish can't swim; Goldfish has uncontrolled swimming
Goldfish / Koi Symptoms: Class E
Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish is bottom sitting; Goldfish has no appetite; Goldfish not eating; Goldfish is curled; Goldfish has bent position; Goldfish is spitting; Goldfish folded over; Goldfish is crooked; Goldfish is swimming somersaults; Goldfish is swimming in circles; Goldfish appears sunken; Goldfish appears concaved; Goldfish having spasms; Goldfish twitching
Goldfish / Koi Symptoms: Class F
Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish bloated; Goldfish is swollen; Goldfish is listless; Goldfish has loss of appetite
Goldfish / Koi Symptoms: Class G
Goldfish has raised scales; Goldfish is pine coning; Goldfish has diminished appetite
Goldfish / Koi Symptoms: Class H
Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish has white marks or patches; Goldfish has clamped fins; Goldfish has black patches; Goldfish has red blotches; Goldfish has broken blood vessels; Goldfish has red streaks in tail fin



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