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The Art of Goldfish
B. G. Rand

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10 Steps to
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

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Diagnose & Rescue Procedures 10 Steps
 Treatments & Tonics
B. G. Rand

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10 Steps to Easy
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

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Golden Goldfish Rules
Coloring Book
B. G. Rand

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24-05-2015 11:57
Welcome Rbwitts Smile

23-05-2015 23:38
congrads on you sponges

22-05-2015 12:37 sponges have arrived. Now I just have to figure out how to hollow them out to fit over the baskets. Any ideas?

21-05-2015 08:26
Glad you pup is doing well. Hi Thuner Grin

21-05-2015 08:24
When do we leave Cricket?

20-05-2015 22:44
yep im doing ok

20-05-2015 21:59
I need to go to Hawaii. LOL

20-05-2015 21:59
The other pup has another 3.5 weeks of crate rest left. Sheesh.

20-05-2015 21:58
One pup has "graduated" from crate rest! I'm also busy with his rehab. He's very excited.

20-05-2015 21:57
Me, too, Kat... busy managing my mom's health care. She's not well, either. It's a tough time in life, with aging parents.

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Diagnosing Symptoms

Diagnosing Symptoms

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Photos of infected fish: Symptoms and Ailments

  • Ammonia poisoning or high KH or pH

Symptoms: Goldfish has clamped fins; Goldfish has folded or closed fins; Goldfish is in obvious distress; Goldfish has white patches (burns) on body or fins; Goldfish has black patches (healing burns) on skin and fins

Ammonia, the first toxin created from waste, is only present when there is an absence of beneficial bacteria in the ecosystem. Goldfish have no tolerance for this toxin.

Refer to:
Step 5: Water Treatment

Step 2: The Nitrogen Cycle

Aloe Treatment

If no ammonia is present
Test KH. Closely related, either of these parameters can burn fish in high amounts. Use vinegar to reduce KH levels

The comfort zone for KH is 70 to 120 ppm

If carbonate hardness (KH) is in the comfort zone, and ammonia levels are zero, the fish may have been very recently poisoned by ammonia, or the toxin isn�t reading. Ammonia is one of the most difficult of the toxins to measure; the results sometimes inaccurate. Symptoms are slow to appear in most cases of ammonia poisoning because the toxin builds gradually in the water.

Refer to:

Step 2: The Nitrogen Cycle

pH: Potential of Hydrogen

Aloe Treatment

  • Nitrite poisoning

Symptoms: Goldfish has red streaks in tail fin; Goldfish has red blotches on body only; Goldfish has broken blood vessels; Goldfish is in distress

Nitrite; the second toxin to be converted in the nitrogen cycle. Closely related to nitrates, but symptoms don't always show until after the fact. Goldfish have no tolerance for this toxin.

Refer to:
 Step 5: Water Treatment  

OOP treatment

  • Nitrate poisoning

Symptoms: Goldfish is bottom sitting, pressed; Goldfish has no appetite; Goldfish has bent position; Goldfish folded over; Goldfish is curled; Goldfish is crooked; Goldfish has spasms; Goldfish swimming in somersaults

Nitrates; the third and final conversion are found in cycled tanks and can only be removed by means of a fresh water change or water treatment that converts the toxin to a safer form.

Refer to:
 Step 1: Goldfish Housing

 Step 5: Water Changes

 Nitrate Poisoning 

  • Oxygen deprivation

Symptoms: Goldfish is gasping; Goldfish gasping at surface; Goldfish is sucking air at surface; Goldfish has bleeding from eye; Goldfish has bulging eye or pop eye; Goldfish has redness at gills; Goldfish has rapid gill movement

Oxygen deprivation caused by low KH levels; supersaturated gases, green algae, bad bacteria cloud, or carbon dioxide in body of water, or enclosed tank,

Refer to:
Step 6: Oxygenating Water

Oxygen Deprivation: Anoxia

Goldfish Salt Bath

  •  Harmful Bacteria Infection

Symptoms: Goldfish has frayed fins; Goldfish has torn fins; Goldfish has missing fins; Goldfish has missing scales; Goldfish has fungus on mouth or body; Goldfish has 'cotton like fungus; Goldfish pooh is very light; Goldfish pooh is very dark; Goldfish pooh is very stringy; Goldfish has hole in head; Goldfish has sores; Goldfish has ulcers; Goldfish is listless; Goldfish has film or mucus on body or fins

Bacteria infection; caused by low oxygen levels; little or no surface action, poor maintenance routine or overcrowded conditions.

Refer to:
Bacteria, Friend or Foe?

Goldfish Salt Treatment

Step 6: Oxygenating Water 

Gel Food (Antibiotic) Recipe

  • Parasite or worms

Symptoms: Goldfish is flashing; Goldfish is rubbing; Goldfish exhibits sporadical swimming; Goldfish is darting; Goldfish has visual parasites; Goldfish has visual worms; Goldfish missing scales; Goldfish has sores; Goldfish prefers isolation

External parasites and worms are caused by introducing infected fish or plants to the environment. Internal parasites and worms are caused by fish eating infected food.

Refer to
Goldfish Salt Treatment

Gel Food (Antibiotic) Recipe

Garlic Treatment


  • Swim bladder issues

Symptoms: Goldfish is floating; Goldfish floating at top of tank; Goldfish floating at 45 degree angle; Goldfish is swimming upside down; Goldfish swimming lopsided; Goldfish is bobbing; Goldfish is upside down; Goldfish is flipped over; Goldfish can't swim; Goldfish has uncontrolled swimming

Swim bladder issues may be caused by injury; loud and sudden noises, harmful bacteria infection, constipation, or the eggs may be impacted.

Refer to:
Floating Issues

Digestive Disorders

Goldfish Salt Treatment

Gel Food (Antibiotic) Recipe


  • Bubble Disease

Symptoms: Goldfish has bulging eye(s); Goldfish bulging on side; Goldfish has bubbles escaping mouth; Goldfish has bubbles escaping gills; Goldfish has tumors; Goldfish has tumor looking bumps; Goldfish has dilated veins in dorsal area; Goldfish is gasping at surface; Goldfish has bulging on one side; Goldfish is releasing air bubbles from mouth or gills; Goldfish is bottom sitting; Goldfish cannot feed; Goldfish is curled

Gas Bubbles are caused by supersaturated gases (concentrated amounts of oxygen) found in tap water. These gases can adversely effect fish in many ways.

Refer to:
Step 6: Oxygenating Water

Supersaturated Gases

Bubble Disease

Oxygen Deprivation: Anoxia


  • Poisoning: Metal, chemical, tannin, medication or salt or unknown

Symptoms: :
Goldfish is listless; Goldfish has loss of appetite; Goldfish is bloated; Goldfish is swollen

Caused by exposure to extreme amounts; Metal; chemicals; tannin; over medicating; over salting. Poisoning may cause organ failure and swelling. Some fish may raise their scales when seriously bloated.

Refer to:
Goldfish Poisoning

Dandelion Treatment


  • Exposure to high temperatures or Fever

Symptoms: Goldfish has raised scales; goldfish has diminished appetite; Goldfish is listless

Caused by too warm of water temperatures or fever caused by infection

Comfort zone: 64 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Refer to:
Water Boost


  • Tumors

Caused by abnormal growth of body tissue.

Refer to:
Tumors on Goldfish



First Aid Kit for Goldfish

Parts of a Goldfish

Natural Remedies

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