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01-07-2015 19:51
Welcome NYCNick. Smile

01-07-2015 00:45
Welcome, brewerj. Smile

28-06-2015 10:08
Gave me an idea. I've just cleaned a couple of big rocks, and placed em in the freezer to place in the tank. I'll alternate. This will keep things a little cooler.

28-06-2015 07:08
definitely running over freezer bricks cooled it right quick ! Humidity is minimal when its that hot and only damp cloths sheets towels- what have u..

27-06-2015 22:14
BUT, now the sushi is gone. Hmmmn. Maybe I'll just go back to the store and get more. It's the perfect way too hot summer evening meal. Nom nom nom with no cooking. Smile

27-06-2015 22:13
it's getting harder and harder to wait the 2 hours for my water to chill in the freezer. Ah well, this too shall pass.

27-06-2015 22:10
My husband is an anti humidity crusader (being very polite here), otherwise I'd jump on the damp rag idea. Smile

27-06-2015 22:06
Oh, wow. That was an ordeal! Did running it over ice bags chill it very quickly. Sounds grueling, but so are water changes. LOL

27-06-2015 22:04
I had a 3 day power outage and had to keep tumbling tank water to oxygenate it and run it over ice bags to chill it. Fish survived but I got a spike in the levels . Angry

27-06-2015 22:02
when I say in the sink I mean my bucket in the sink...

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Symptoms and Ailments

Symptoms and Ailments

Buy the Book

It might seem very confusing if not overwhelming to the inexperienced to find so many varied opinions on the subject of goldfish: Goldfish care, like politics is not black and white. Sometimes there is no right or wrong, and diagnosis can be extremely difficult in many cases. Because of this difficulty; it is preferable to treat symptoms. What works for one tank with one fish, will not always work on another, and unfortunately, sometimes nothing works. Diagnosing Symptoms

Have you recently medicated your goldfish tank?

Since there are limited reliable resources available for treating ailments and diseases of the goldfish; the process of elimination is the standard procedure. Try the least invasive or least dangerous route first, making sure you've done everything possible before resorting to medications.

Glossary of Terms    Parts of a Goldfish    Anesthetizing Goldfish    Wen Trim or Removal    Lodged Stone    Fish Out of Water

Typically, the root of the problem has to do with poor water quality, stemmed from overfeeding, improper water changes, improper surface action or improper housing. Medicating a fish in bad water is pointless and will more than likely push it over the edge. Most symptoms listed on this site are caused by poor water quality, which should be considered as a condition, not a disease. Natural Remedies

Anything wrong with your goldfish very likely related to its environment; its tank, aquarium or pond water.

Bubble Disease                   Oxygen Deprivation                  Bacteria, Friend or Foe?

                     Floating Issues                             Nitrate; the Gentle Giant

Goldfish Care; diagnosing disease.
The fantail goldfish in this photo has suffered from oxygen deprivation, combined with a pH crash; topping it off with ammonia poisoning from living in a tank that wasn't cycled. Its symptoms are; clamped fins; red gills; bleeding from the eye or pop eye

  • Medicine for goldfish

Avoid medicating; typically, in the case of the amateur goldfish keeper, medications do more harm than good; killing the friendly bacteria in your tank or aquarium. If the conditions of your water parameters are not good, medications will more than likely kill your fish; extreme caution is advised. Be patient; with the proper care and nutrition most of these afflictions can be conquered naturally. Even though they mean well, pet shops often give poor advice for goldfish care, the nutrition, and the treatment for goldfish diseases and parasites. Learn all you can about your goldfish on the net, a world of good advice and some bad is at your fingertips. Some experts are of the breeder mentality, sacrificing the one for the good of all, but this websites purpose is to benefit the individual goldfish keeper. Allow your common sense, your intuition, and even your pocket book to be your guide when it comes to goldfish care.                                        

Medicating Our Goldfish

  • Goldfish Photos

  • Posted by members; some have survived and some have died. They all share in suffering from poor water quality; which include one or more of the following; ammonia, nitrite, nitrate poisoning; oxygen deprivation; over medicating; high temperatures; constipation; water pressure and harmful bacteria infection

            clamped fins; white burns caused by ammonia poisoning (or high KH levels on rare occassion)

            goldfish clamped fins

           black marks; healing burns caused by ammonia poisoning 

            Goldfish with uncontrolled swimming

           red streaks in tail caused by nitrite poisoning


          broken blood vessels on body caused by nitrite poisoning and septicemia (on rare occasion)


          bent positioning caused from high nitrate levels

         Goldfish curled; bent position. 

     poor general health caused by fasting; poor water quality
 Goldfish in poor health.  

       bulging side caused by impacted eggs or tumor

        Goldfish bulging on side  

        bloating caused by organ failure

        raised scales caused from too warm of water temperature or fever


        bleeding eye caused by oxygen deprivation

        Goldfish with bloody eye
        uncontrolled swimming caused by constipation or bacteria infection

        Goldfish upside down

        Goldfish with floating issue


        shredded fins due to harmful bacteria in water caused by poor water quality
        clamped fins caused by ammonia poisoning


        Goldfish with shredding fins.

        missing scales due to harmful bacteria in water

        Goldfish with missing scales

        abscesses caused by harmful bacteria


        dorsal and tail fin eaten away by harmful bacteria; black marks; healing ammonia burns


         Goldfish with bacteria infection

      bacteria infection; oxygen deprivation and high nitrates

     goldfsh with nitrate poisoning

     parasite infection (Ich)




    tumors caused by virus; sometimes cancerous


    warts caused by virus


    bleeding from the eye caused by oxygen deprivation


bubble disease (supersaturated gases)Goldfish with bubble disease

 Every goldfish tank, aquarium or pond has one goldfish that is more
 sensitive than the others. A goldfish sensitive to temperatures ranging
 on the higher side of the comfort zone may have been kept in too high
 of water temperatures at one time in its past.

 Goldfish that have suffered ammonia or nitrite during the nitrogen
 cycle may become sensitive to these toxins. Where one goldfish may 
 ignore a spike in nitrites, the more delicate one may exhibit immediate

 A goldfish that has suffered too high of nitrate levels may become
 supersensitive to the toxin, having little or no tolerance.

A goldfish that has suffered and survived a pH crash may become sensitive to lower levels in the future.

Some goldfish breeders may be guilty of over salting and over medicating to reduce risk of infection of disease. These goldfish may be super sensitive to salt or medicines.

Most of the goldfish in the pictures above are suffering from poor water conditions.

Humane Disposal of Goldfish

If you've viewed the photos of sick and infected fish above; you may have noticed some of these fish have more than one symptom; a common occurrence. If a fish is suffering from nitrate poisoning; there's a good chance there's not enough water being exchanged, which leads to harmful bacteria in the water. Where you find harmful bacteria, you find low oxygen levels and too warm of water conditions.


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